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Also the map_info() function returns a struct for a given grid that tells you what's in it, some of which you can cheat from and some of which is just what the player can see:

struct grid_data {
	u32b m_idx;				/* Monster index */
	u32b f_idx;				/* Feature index */
	struct object_kind *first_kind;	/* The kind of the first item on the grid */
	struct trap *trap;		/* Trap */
	bool multiple_objects;	/* Is there more than one item there? */
	bool unseen_object;		/* Is there an unaware object there? */
	bool unseen_money;		/* Is there some unaware money there? */

	enum grid_light_level lighting; /* Light level */
	bool in_view; 			/* Can the player can currently see the grid? */
	bool is_player;
	bool hallucinate;
I think this plus the command queue stuff means the borg could drive the game fairly well without recourse to screen-reading.
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