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I don't think level completion is an idea that meshes well with non-persistent levels. It doesn't seem great to either reward for level clearance or attempt to track total clearance in a game where you can revisit levels infinite times.

The main thing of interest I think you could do is track the average percentage that the player explores when they visit a level: it could influence scoring, or perhaps the knowledge menu and character dumps could have a statistics section so you can compare people's different playstyles.

I like the hidden feature idea, though. Random thought - how about making traps flavoured? Replace the existing, fixed colour traps with a randomised selection of magical runes. Some have nasty trap effects, others do interesting, good things like open a hidden section or make a treasure appear elsewhere on the level. Up to the player whether they creep round cautiously avoiding them all, or take the risk of experimenting to discover which are the good ones.
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