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Originally Posted by Bandobras View Post
Yay, another Tolkienesque variant! So cool! So meticulously researched! Even regardless of the new gameplay, the content itself is priceless (and, presumably, falls under the Angband permission to use the Tolkien's legendarium in a game).

BTW, what is the license? I couldn't find in anywhere in the source.
Good question about the license. I forgot to add this information to the packages and will fix that soon, but I'm actually a little confused about the licensing. It is a fork from NPPAngband 0.4.1 as I wanted to make use of the 4GAI code (which I have extended a lot). This forked from Angband 3.0.3. I have done my best to follow the advice here:

to make it GPL compliant, but am still a little unsure. If anyone has an pointers, I'd love to hear them.

Good point about including the lib folder with the source too.
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