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Time, as a trap effect. Everybody hate time hound and with good reason, because aside from dealing some nasty raw damage the side effects inflicted often bypass the characters insurance, his sustains.

Time, as a trap, could also be throughly unpredictable as to it's effects. Drain XP, Drain Stats, Stasis (paralysis), Amnesia, Confusion, Hallucination, Stunning, Cuts, Fear could all be imaginatively attributed to Time in one way or another.

Obviously it should be a rare trap, also a deep trap, certainly deeper than typical time breathers, since irresistible status ailments as described above could easily lead to instant death. I'd give something like this a native depth of below DL100 (maybe DL120), meaning that it could appear in deep vaults, but probably not in the ordinary dungeon at less than 5000' (if my understanding of native depths as applied to vaults is concerned).
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