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It is the third shot that is so overwhelming. I don't mind the occasional randart that pops up to turn into an epic win. Epic wins are good when they are rare. Same with the occasional overwhelming Sling of Buckland--and those aren't overpowered nearly to such a degree because deadly sling ammo is (a) rare and (b) much lower damage than arrows and bolts.
But in an ordinary game, a ranger will see an x4 +20 or better bow, which gives an overall multiplier of 12 or 15. That is vastly better than the nearest competition, from Haradrim crossbows at 8x.
600 dam/turn is fairly common in melee: One MoD/BoC/SoS weapon of +2 shots or HA and you are nearly there. Add in damage from gloves, Dwarven shield, and a damage ring, and you are over 600, and approaching 700 for a warrior.

Doing the same with archery is OK: Less healing, but more summons to deal with. But doing 1100 dam/turn should be rare. That is roughly 2x too high. One epic game like this is fun. Every game ending this way is boring.
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