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This is why I like the new change for the teleport Debug.
Makes getting to those last few Wargs a bit easy.

krazy, do you have any idea if the rune sword is bugged for you and doesn't count combat rings?

Oh, hey, if anyone ever tried, a Weaponmaster is a good class to run with if you want to use Rune Swords. Their first skill can't miss. So, it eliminates the negative hit penalty. And it's not that difficult to get past the -10 damage penalty with that class too. And I am aware you can't normally get Rune Swords until late game.

You get permanent heroism with Rune Swords at level 20. Literally permanent since you can't take off the sword.

I know that cheating is a morally grey area in Roguelikes, but sometimes you just want to beat up on Vecna without worrying about well, Vecna's power level.

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