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Originally Posted by debo View Post
I'm pretty sure that combat rings have worked with runeswords in the past. (The standard way to level them up was to use rings to get the tohit to a point where you can hit low-level breeders.)

Is it possible that you're wearing the ring on the your shield hand or something like that? Unless you're wielding a weapon two-handed, combat rings only work on the weapon in the corresponding hand. So, if you have your runesword in your right hand, a shield in your left, and a combat ring on your left hand, it will do literally nothing.

Either that or something changed when they were tweaked a bit, I can't look at the source just now.

First off, look, I'm sorry, I get worked up sometimes because of how defensive I am of things I've done for 20 years without effort. No thanks to my Asperger's.
I really am not crazy, I swear it all to you. I'm really sorry about getting worked up about this. I just, when something happens and I don't know how to handle it, I get upset.

Why in the blue hell would rings not work if they're on both hands? That doesn't make any sense.
Seriously, dual combat/randart rings should work on any character, not just one using a two-handed weapon, or a monk, or a 6 ring slot Dragon.

Sorry for being overworked about it, but things that make literally no sense to someone who's been playing Angband and almost every variant for nearly 20 years, really gets my goat.
And that includes Death having an instant death attack in Oangband.

Anyone have any other idea about the other issues I mentioned, such as debug object rolling being a bit buggy on flags not actually working.
Or the Wizard mode not correctly acting like it does.
Or the cheat_Object not working reliably on Ego-Items.

I tested the ring, that works. What happened to the rings of power? The rarest rings in the game, and someone thought it would be funny to remove the ability to have the tiny bonus to damage from both of them work? Really? THat seems a bit pithy.

Even Ringil's nerf to +5 is understandable.
At least make it an option that lowers score by a little bit. Because this is literally the silliest thing in any Angband variant. Yes, that includes the Ty_Curse summoning Cyber-demons and paralyzing you. At least that makes sense.

Also, is there any way to tell how Runesword power ups work? Like, what makes a kill count?

I'm sorry, It's a magical ring. It should work just fine on any ring slot. Because, why does a helmet give to hit and damage, but not a ring on the "Shield" slot? Can you see the horrible flaw in having this make sense? Why would a magical ring not work, while gloves, helmets, shields, amulets, body armor, everything you can wear works just fine with boosting your damage?

Really, a magic ring being nerfed? What? How does a single ring somehow outweigh every other boosting item for damage in the entire game and get hit with the nerf nuclear bomb?
My mind literally is boggled. I don't get it.

I'm sorry, I just don't get it. Of all the things to nerf. I mean, Marilyths are actually terrible at dual-wielding despite having 4 arms. Can we just concentrate on that being buffed?

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