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Ok time for another round at balancing shooting vs melee I guess...

Here's my base setup for melee. A warrior with max STR/DEX using:

a) the Mace of Disruption 'Deathwreaker' (7d10) (+18,+18) <+6, +4>

5.2 blows/round.
Average damage/round: 978.8 vs. creatures not resistant to fire, 1734.2
vs. creatures susceptible to fire, 727.4 vs. evil creatures, 727.4 vs.
animals, 978.8 vs. dragons, 1482.7 vs. undead, and 475.5 vs. others.

Since this is pretty much the best melee weapon in the game (excluding Grond and some OP randarts that will rarely see the light of day), I'm gonna aim at equivalent damage when using returning missiles.
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