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Round #3: crossbows

Again, two options (three if you count Umbar, which has x6 might, but aggravates):
- light xbow of the haradrim or heavy xbow of extra shots: x4 might, +1 shot
- heavy xbow of extra might (or Uruk-Hai): x5 might

Using a magic bolt:
- a warrior does 225.6 vs all (2 shots) with the heavy xbow of extra shots
- an archer does 441.6 vs all (4 shots) with the heavy xbow of extra shots

In this case, heavy xbow of extra shots (or haradrim) is always the best shooter. With the best artifact, our archer does:
4 shots/round.
Hits targets up to 140 feet away.
Average damage/round: 1178.4 vs. creatures not resistant to lightning,
and 673.2 vs. others.

Way too high, but still lower than a warrior with Deathwreaker vs evil, so it'll do for now. For our warrior, the damage becomes:
- 343.6 vs all with the best artifact
- 517.6 vs all, 776.4 vs evil with heavily enchanted seeker bolts of holy might

This is more than with a sling of buckland, and a bit too high, but you need perfect shooter/ammo to get such result. It'll do for now.
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