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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
1. Deathwreaker and Soulkeeper are *rare*. The item base probability on these items is low, and the artifact probability is low, so the combined probability is extremely low. Turn Deathwreaker into a broadsword, or Soulkeeper into studded leather armor, and suddenly the odds of seeing them is significantly higher.
I believe, though I have not verified, that randart rarity is meant to take into account the rarity of the base artifact. Like, Bladeturner is a pretty common artifact on a very rare body armor; if it got transferred to a common base item like a Dagger, then its artifact rarity would shoot way up to compensate.

2. In the ordinary artifacts, the top items are concentrated in two slots: weapons and armor. Getting Doomcaller is useless if you already have Deathwreaker. But getting one of these for gloves and another for a bow, and suddenly your character is unbelievably strong.
Depends on how you classify "top item". Like I said earlier, Thorin and Cambeleg are super-common and pretty damn awesome items in comparison to the kinds of randarts players are forced to roll with. They don't have as much power as Doomcaller or Deathwreaker, maybe, but they're really solid power boosts for the player and you're going to find them in every single game.

Randarts don't have those kinds of "bread and butter" artifacts that the player can lean on to help them climb the power curve. Empirically, randarts usually have a dearth of good items in any slot and have to cobble together a more-or-less functional kit from what they find. Which is good!
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