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Thank you for the explanation. Now I see it must have been books that I saw colourful on the floor, so all is fine with scroll flavours.

Regarding lit walls, let me try to explain my puzzlement in more detail. I was a necromancer walking without light. Thus corridor granite was always grey to me --- apparently noctovision doesn't let you see the lit versions of tiles, which is fine. However, the room granite was bright white not whenever in my LOS, but only when within the radius of my noctovision. As if my noctovision was an ultraviolet light and room granite was a fluorescent substance. Is that what noctovision is? If so, why is the room granite fluorescent? It bet it doesn't need to be. And it's not ambiently lit, because if it was, I would see it from a distance (and see it as a lit tile) and I don't.

Also, do you mean I don't see monsters inside walls if they are in corridor walls?
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