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>>I just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience and if there are any items to be found that aside form the normal variety of rings and amulets and armors that will help this druid kick his game up a notch. Maybe something he could wield and still fight bare handed. A set of gloves or boots (brass knuckels of extra punches) or maybe just something to convey some resistance that could be equipped in the 'a' equipment slot.

I'm sure I've seen brass knuckles in a variant but not this one -yet. Dealing with the lack of 'extras' that you would get from a weapon is a problem for the early-mid-level druid, esp. with the "difficult" races (High-Elf, etc) where every other class gets a weapon with SI, FA, etc...

The best advice I can give is save up your cash and keep an eye out in the Black Market for rings of FA and SI - or hope that Ulfast drops gloves of FA or a Helm of Seeing. You can get the necessary resists eventually - it just requires a lucky find or two...
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