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I can't find another thread about necromancer issues, so I'll just jump on here. I'm curious about the rationale behind certain Necromancer spells causing damage to the character, like Noxious Fumes and Shadow Shift.

The business of having to avoid light is a severe enough handicap, given that there are several common artifacts that create light and thus make life more difficult. Why can Necromancers not have a phase door that doesn't injure them? Noxious Fumes isn't that bad if you're playing a Kobold (which, as it happens, turns out to be a pretty good race for Necromancers if you reallocate points wisely, though I still think as a creature that traditionally lives underground they should get a boost to digging), but still -- it seems like Necromancers get a lot more penalties than any other class, and the spells in the Books of Shadows are nice, but not so amazing that they properly balance out the negatives.

Meanwhile, by the time you start finding e.g. a Staff of Darkness, you've already got the Create Darkness spell. There are no objects or artifacts that create darkness vs. light. If Necromancers have dominion over nether, then maybe they should be resistant to XP drain? Or maybe they should be able to regain some XP as well as HP when they use Tap Unlife or Vampire Strike?

I'm quite enjoying the Necromancer, as it's interesting thematically (and for an anecdotal reason[1]), but I really feel like it's not very well balanced, especially in the early game. (I haven't been able to get one below DL20 yet so I can't say how good they are in the late game.) I'm starting to get the hang of using Darkness to my advantage, but it doesn't really compensate for having to eschew objects that create light.

I mean, maybe I'm completely off base here and failing to recognise the value of the existing spells. What does everybody else think?

[1] My brother used to be in a band with a guy who insisted clubs turn off his spotlight, because he "likes to sing in the dark". For some reason I've always found that hilarious.
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