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I know that you can do charge + flank + sprint + dodge but I haven't really figured out how to chain it yet, and more often than not having a group of enemies in a room that you are fighting makes it hard to pull off. Usually, I save my quickness potions to be used as haste sources when fighting a balrog or Morgoth or something, and I often want parry + riposte and Dexterity later, so I'm not sure if I can justify sprinting. This is sort of what I was getting at, where there are some cool abilities that are like... 5th or 6th best in their tree, which makes them too expensive to justify unless you have an affinity. But only Edain have melee or evasion affinities so you can't afford to get too cute with abilities anyway. Or you can take an ability late-game with a Noldor when it is of no real consequence because you are overpowered by 950' and have nothing to do but scum for 17k turns.
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