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I usually do take dodging, flanking, and charge, but Charge is mostly useful for killing high-protection enemies with a greatsword, imo, and because it leads in to Momentum which is extremely good. I seem to find Glend almost every game that makes it to 650' or so, so I tend to just carry that around for serpents, kemen, and grotesques/watchers, since I don't think 2H weapons outside of Glend/Saithnar/Calris/Gaurin/Dramborleg are any good except as utility items. Since I often go for Cruel Blow, I don't need Follow-Through for Opportunist. I build all my characters to kill V since I don't like the ascent much when he's alive. It's probably the case that different sets of abilities or secret tech are viable but aren't really going to help you kill V.
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