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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
So, I've had a go at designing some new types of pits and nests to add a bit of variety to the first half of the dungeon. The attached zip file has the amended pits.txt and limits.txt files if anyone wants to give them a try.

Playtesting and feedback would be much appreciated: too shallow, too deep, too much or too little reward for the risk level? I've been stair-scumming a lot in my test games to find the things, so the figures I've chosen for the average depths are a bit of a shot in the dark.

There are four new types of pit added:

* DL 15 - Kobolds
* DL 20 - Spellcasters (apprentices and kobold/orc/dark elf mages)
* DL 25 - Naga
* DL 30 - Dark elves

And four types of nests:

* DL 30 - Creepy crawlies (centipedes, killer beetles, spiders excluding phase/drider/aranea)
* DL 40 - Minor demons (excluding bodaks and death quasits)
* DL 50 - Serpents (snakes, naga, low-end hydra)
* DL 55 - Lesser undead (skeletons, zombies, low-end wraiths)

I think I corrected for the more bizarre results I got in testing, but if any monsters show up that seem like they shouldn't have been included, let me know.
these look like good ideas, but I think the nests can be set to earlier levels. Of course that depends on what you mean by 'low-end wraith'. Does it include nether wraiths?

Minor demons should be a pit, not a nest, right?
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