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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
these look like good ideas, but I think the nests can be set to earlier levels. Of course that depends on what you mean by 'low-end wraith'. Does it include nether wraiths?
Nope. I excluded anything with BO_NETH, so that leaves forest, white, grave, barrow and grey. Which I too thought would make it pretty easy to clear at shallower levels, until I realised I'd overlooked all the mummified trolls and skeleton ettins that were going to be in there.

...And I've also just now realised that, though I never saw one, it's technically possible to get a hand druj, since it turns out that unlike the other druj types they don't have BO_NETH. Erm. I should probably fix that...

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
Minor demons should be a pit, not a nest, right?
I think I put them as a nest because most of them don't leave drops, and it seemed neater to make the distinction between nests having treasures on the floor and pits not. But the code does allow for pits with treasure, so it's pretty trivial to change if you think a pit makes more sense.

Originally Posted by Remuz View Post
Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
* DL 50 - Serpents (snakes, naga, low-end hydra)
Maybe I am missing something here, but this does not seem too terrifying... why have this one so low in the dungeon?
Yeah, that one's possibly too deep now. I was a bit conservative with the average depths, because wherever they're placed they tend to start showing up about ten levels earlier. I had the serpents placed much shallower at first and then got pretty heavily stomped by the hordes of hydra and spirit nagas.

In general, when I was first testing, I found I had to move nearly all of my placements deeper because I severely underestimated how nasty it would be when monsters that are easy to kill one-on-one showed up in large groups. I've probably swung too far in the opposite direction now, so it's likely to take some tweaking to get it right.

I could definitely use some feedback on what these are like to clear in 'natural' games. So far I've been testing by level scumming and repeatedly travelling up and down the dungeon, so it's hard to tell how much my character is over/underpowered for the dlevel.
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