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Originally Posted by Nomad View Post
Fair enough. Here's a version with the nest types all dropped ten levels. (I did get rid of the hand druj loophole, though.) And minor demons are now a pit instead of a nest.
To be fair, some of the standard pits could probably be moved up as well. Maybe 5 levels up for all the standard pits.

object allocation is too high for the centipede pit. It should be 1/30 or less. It's certainly easier to clear out this pit than a jelly pit.

Lesser undead pits could probably still be moved up earlier, maybe dlevel 25-30 or so. They seem easier than orc pits.

One issue is that these pits are early level pits where they won't show up all that often anyway. I think some late game pits might help a lot. A human pit filled with enchantresses, demonologists, necromancers, death knights, berserkers, master mystics, knight templars, patriarchs, etc. would be a very "nice" deep level pit.

I still really really want to remove Qs from animal nests...
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