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Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
object allocation is too high for the centipede pit. It should be 1/30 or less. It's certainly easier to clear out this pit than a jelly pit.
Ack, yeah, well spotted. That was definitely supposed to be 30; I must have altered the wrong line at some stage.

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
One issue is that these pits are early level pits where they won't show up all that often anyway. I think some late game pits might help a lot. A human pit filled with enchantresses, demonologists, necromancers, death knights, berserkers, master mystics, knight templars, patriarchs, etc. would be a very "nice" deep level pit.
I did mess around with some attempts at human pits, but trying to base the inclusions and exclusions on spell flags tends to give you some pretty random combinations. But I guess if you just want a general late game 'lots of nasty spellcasters' pit, that would probably work. (The question is probably whether anyone would actually bother trying to clear it. I'd run a mile.)

Originally Posted by fizzix View Post
I still really really want to remove Qs from animal nests...
Now it's been moved to the edit files, you can just use s:BLINK to exclude creatures capable of using phase door from the nest generation:

That should do the job.
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