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I agree that not all monster should have large evasion or absorption. I remember posting on a previous thread that my mage encountered an iron golem out of depth, and had absolutely no way to deal with it. However, the golem didn't pose any threat because I could always just walk away from it. I thought it was awesome both flavor wise and gaming wise to have a huge animated iron golem clanking around the dungeon after me in slow motion. I just had to keep moving and keep a speed potion ready just in case I got caught with that slow spell.

I think that clubs should start at entry level, and mauls should be deeper. I found an early maul that made combat too easy for my mage. It was easier to use the maul than to cast spells.

Also, there is a lot of room to play with the finesse weapon depth. A lot of the sword types have similar stats, but weighting one more for finesse could imply that it should be found deeper. I am of the opinion that there should be a couple more weapon types that are only found deep, rather than just the mace of disruption and the chaos swords. Maybe a huge axe, and a great bow.
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