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I agree with coach - let's make some of the finesse weapons deeper (scimitar and bastard sword spring to mind, along with the main gauche, perhaps). I think the iron golem should be the exception rather than the rule - presumably the equivalent unkillable for prowess chars is the will-o-wisp.

I don't have enough of a feel for ev/abs to know whether the numbers are too high, but I'd support reducing hp in favour of reducing ev/abs. We could also reduce the speed of some evasive monsters, like phase spiders. (I don't think prowess chars having a problem with phase spiders is bad, but I agree that evasion means that speed could be revisited in some cases, because it was probably originally used to simulate evasion.)

The to-hit chance already includes something that scales with level: finesse! Perhaps what you're suggesting is that the level-dependent bit is lengthened, so instead of 75 + fin - ev we have 50 + 2*(current fin term) - 2* (current ev term) ... or something? This is still going to hurt prowess chars though - we did always want them to be hitting less often, so perhaps the problem is actually that you weren't one-shotting the phase spiders (which is what ought to compensate prowess chars for hitting less). I guess if you'd had a bigger dice weapon (3d8 rather than 8d3) your crits might have made the difference? IMO another change to weapons should be to make finesse weapons all have small dice (d1-d4) and prowess weapons all have big dice (d6-d10), adjusting the numbers of dice to retain the same approximate average. This will make crits work as intended: the regular crits for finesse chars being less awesome than the rarer crits for prowess chars.
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