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Originally Posted by PopTart View Post
I hold a special place in my heart and memory for monsters that have killed off old characters. Black knight, greater basilisk, ancient multi-hued dragon, homunculus, and yes stegocentipede.
I feel the same way. Each time I lose, I come out of that game with a new lesson learned, and a new grudge held. My first serious game where I got anywhere to speak of taught me to get free action as soon as I could, and made me a determined killer of ghouls. Even the grudge can have its bonuses; As I was always going after ghouls, I learned that they had pretty good drops compared to the creatures around them on their initial levels, and since they came in substantial groups, I got some pretty useful equipment out of them.

My biggest grudge was against the Balrog of Moria, who, together with his summoned demons, killed my stat-maxed dwarf warrior who had been sailing along with Anduril and the Dragon Helm, and had just found the Golden Crown of Gondor. I also started my next game with an extra grudge against greater demonic quylthugs, as a grossly out-of-depth one had brought the Balrog to Level 43 in the first place. My lesson there was that depth had to wait on experience gain, and not to get too dependant on potions of Cure Critical Wounds. Also, no matter how good the loot is, never to drop my source of teleportation to pick it up.
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