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as a final note on 4.2.1,

Reverting to the older darker tile is much better; not only does it look like a dungeon and not sand, but the color helps with the contrast.

I don't like ANY of the new individual mob tiles. Both the ones which were changed, and the new-new ones. Webs look ok, books look horrible. Not sure what webs are supposed to do, i just walk over them.

4.2.1 seems much more "active" as a game. 4.1.3 is far easier to control, now that i have learned everything. It's easier to find a spot where hounds will not follow you, passwall mobs are rare, as far as i can tell there are less summons, while in 4.2.1 mobs are more aggressive.

The new C screen is obviously confusing, as it's new. I approve that it has more info, but most of those are not that useful. You're not likely to need the checkmark for "prevents TP" because it's just THAT rare to even wear an item with it for longer than 1 turn. Same for drain xp, stuck on

On the plus side, i see that now mages have default points in CON instead of DEX, which is wise.

Blackguards really need their own tiles for the player, instead of using the warrior default.

There are MAJOR lag issues which imho should have been addressed in development, not in release.

There's tons of magic books lying around. Only having to carry 3 is a big change is inventory management, also. Obviously less books - less spells. But in 4.1.3 many of the spells are not useful anyway. I would need to play a mage to tell if it is too unbalanced of a change. Also, more high level books = more money. LOTS more money.

I prefer the old shop system.

I still think egos - specifically ESP - on non-artifact weapons is overpowered.
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