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g) the White Dragon Scale Mail of Medhweth (-2) [14,+29] <+4, +3, +1>
Dropped by Me�ss�, the Bloody at 4200 feet (level 84)

+4 strength.
+3 constitution.
+1 stealth.
+1 light.
Provides resistance to Acid, Lightning, Fire, Cold, Poison, Light,
Dark, Sound, Shards, Nexus, Chaos, Disenchantment.
Provides protection from fear.
Slows your metabolism. Grants the ability to see invisible

When activated, it teleports you five levels down.
Takes 558 to 752 turns to recharge at your current speed.
Your chance of success is 94.6%
Nice suit! I guess that's what they mean when they say that white is all colours at the same time.
Dive fast, die young, leave a high-CHA corpse.
You read a scroll labeled 'lol gtfo' of Teleport Level.
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