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YASD 4.2.1 Dwarf Priest

After getting some good advice here a few weeks ago I had another crack at a dwarf priest.

Started well with an early helm of seeing at 700' sorting out see invisible, a lantern of shadows and slippers of stealth persuading me that even a dwarven priest could be stealthy, so I put on two mouse rings and snuck around using orb of draining on every target I could. A dark dwarven lord at 1150' dropped a Lothlorien bow with FA and decent bonusses. A '9' treasure feeling at 1200' was a rod of healing (!!!) and a '9' at 1400' was a potion of experience (taking me level 27->31).

Draebor dropped Battle Blessing at 1450' (before I had Healing and Sanctuary) and also Eorlingas, which I have used on another character to kill Morgoth. Then it was smooth sailing through stat gain (although I actually wielded Nimloth for Speed and Stealth).

I was level 40 with +9 speed and a rod of speed, 505 max HP feeling like this was a winning character, clairvoyance on every level and working through them for the good bits, when I lured out an AMHD (had killed several without issue) and it breathed lightning. I hadn't realised that a recent eq reshuffled I'd lost my last source of resist lightning :-( Dead from full HP.

I was at the end of the cone too, but apparently the attentuation isn't so significant on AMHDs...

Ah well, it was a good shot.
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