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Originally Posted by Philip View Post
So, just out of curiosity, if I wear an amulet of teleportation am I supposed to just commit suicide? Also, when you step into a non-existent shop the game crashes. Also, the game has squelched two scroll of Remove Curse while I am wearing a cursed item. This is not how squelch should work.
EDIT: Just figured how curses work. Also, I hate everything.
Normal remove curse only removes the light curse, not the heavy curse. You need *REMOVE CURSE* to fully uncurse the seriously cursed items. So if the item says "singly cursed" a simple remove curse won't help. The other possible explanation is that you disabled the unsquelch_useful_flavors option.

The amulet of teleportation is the most unbalancing change I made in the player's favor. I was trying to make sticky curse interesting, didn't quite get that right.

Sorry about the crash, but what is a non-existent shop? I have no idea what change I might have made that would be relevant to this.
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