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I really didn't think I could outdo Voovus' turncount, and delayed even attempting it for many days. @'s damage output was just abysmal, but Bron's use of drain life wands gave me some inspiration (I usually use them only against Sauron). Even then, I was very lucky to descend to DL100 quite near a "Workaround" vault, with Morgoth inside. I read Mass Banishment, and TO'd Morgoth once, giving me time to set Glyphs of Warding throughout the vault. When Morgoth returned, I knew I couldn't afford to teleport him away even one time, else I'd lose on turncount. Keeping @ out of his line of sight for as long as I possibly could, I emptied drain life wands on him, and recharged them as many times as I could. Arrows came next, and finally, line of sight no longer avoidable, Dispel Evil (1% fail) and Annihilation (26% fail). @ was utterly surrounded and standing on the last Glyph of Warding when Morgoth finally went down. It was a very close thing.
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― Tom Stoppard, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead
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