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So I'm not sure which targeting bugs for Lightning Strike are known & which aren't so I'll post them if I notice them. If you kill the target with the lightning bolt then the sound blast is centered around you instead (presumably because it's trying to target a dead monster).

Played round with the forms, I'll add comments for bear form when I reach it. These all seem good, they just take a lot of time to adjust to & learn.

Fox - great. Have been using all game, ever since I found a good shooter. Great for grabbing range/repositioning. Great for approaching vaults (+stealth, +movement speed(more +stealth!).

Eagle - Amazing. That speed. First time I've TO'd a vault by rushing to a TO wand inside the middle of the vault.

Pukelman - Looks horrid. Probably good. I ignored this up until recently because -5 speed is a lot. -5 speed isn't a lot once you have enough speed + haste spell. People put up with that sized penalty from encumbrance. Needs to be clearer what it does. One thing I notice is I now have 100% save in pukelman form. I have enough hps to stand in sight of monsters I wouldn't be able to otherwise. I think this will be good when people learn to use it properly.
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