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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
Played round with the forms, I'll add comments for bear form when I reach it. These all seem good, they just take a lot of time to adjust to & learn.

Fox - great. Have been using all game, ever since I found a good shooter. Great for grabbing range/repositioning. Great for approaching vaults (+stealth, +movement speed(more +stealth!).

Eagle - Amazing. That speed. First time I've TO'd a vault by rushing to a TO wand inside the middle of the vault.

Pukelman - Looks horrid. Probably good. I ignored this up until recently because -5 speed is a lot. -5 speed isn't a lot once you have enough speed + haste spell. People put up with that sized penalty from encumbrance. Needs to be clearer what it does. One thing I notice is I now have 100% save in pukelman form. I have enough hps to stand in sight of monsters I wouldn't be able to otherwise. I think this will be good when people learn to use it properly.
I must be missing something. When I change to Pukelman I see my speed go down by 5, but when I change to Fox (or Eagle) I don't see any indication that my speed is increased. Not on the main screen or the character screen. Speed seems to be the same as native druid form whether I'm hasted or non-hasted. Is there an hidden increase in speed?
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