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Originally Posted by wobbly View Post
So I'm not sure which targeting bugs for Lightning Strike are known & which aren't so I'll post them if I notice them. If you kill the target with the lightning bolt then the sound blast is centered around you instead (presumably because it's trying to target a dead monster).
Thanks for this and the forms feedback. I'll be putting the feature/monster branch out in a few days, and will get back to messing with the classes (and other stuff) after that.

Originally Posted by ShadowTechnology View Post
I must be missing something. When I change to Pukelman I see my speed go down by 5, but when I change to Fox (or Eagle) I don't see any indication that my speed is increased. Not on the main screen or the character screen. Speed seems to be the same as native druid form whether I'm hasted or non-hasted. Is there an hidden increase in speed?
As wobbly says, it's move speed (and it does need to be marked somewhere). If you have +n to move speed, it means the energy used per turn of movement only is divided by 1+n. So the fox (MOVES[1]) moves twice as fast, and the eagle (MOVES[3]) 4 times as fast.
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