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Originally Posted by Nick View Post
New preferred method of reporting bugs is to create a new issue here.

Here are step-by-step instructions for reporting a bug. Depending on the nature of the bug, it may be worth some preliminary enquiries to see whether it is actually a bug or simply a wonderful, surprising piece of game design.
  1. Go to the issues page on Github.
  2. Click the green "New Issue" button near the top right.
  3. Give a short descriptive title to your bug; if it's not a report for the current official release, please include what version it it in your title.
  4. In the "Write" pane below the title, give sufficient details to fully describe the problem; this can include links.
  5. Add any relevant files (a savefile is sometimes helpful).
  6. Click "Labels" on the right and add a type label from the list (they start with "T:") - usually you will want T: bug.
  7. Click "Milestone" on the right and choose the "Triage" milestone.
  8. Click the green "Submit new issue" button at the bottom and you are done.
Problem is you have to have acct with github, or sign up. This requires answering some very personal questions that have nothing to do with the issue being reported.
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