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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
Well that's because the chest isn't anything, so it wouldn't trigger a feeling, and the item in the chest wasn't generated until you opened it. Same thing would happen if you killed a Kobold and it dropped the same thing.
I actually had a misconception with this issue for quite some time, and I remember how it started. There was one level that had treasure feeling 8 and I could not find any item indicating that number. Finally, one last little unexplored corridor had a chest and it produced a great randart ring. I, being naturally stupid, naturally assumed by one single event, that all chests are predetermined. There was just something I had missed.

On a side note, I do not know the formula of chest item generation. I (again) assume it's something like 1d3 good item. Because of this assumption and the fact chests being very often trapped, I never attempt to disarm Multiple Traps or other magically trapped chests even as a rogue. If I don't have Disarm Traps item/spell with me, I lug the chest to my home and let it sit there as long as I have one.
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