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What Determines Fail Rates?

I've noticed that it sure feels like I fail at spellcasting a whole lot more often than the Fail% in the spellbooks implies. This is consistent across playthroughs as mage characters (which I tend to play the most) and the new necromancer which I'm trying out for the first time now.

For the most part, I'm a big fan of the necromancer! It's a lot of fun and a different take on the traditional spellcaster. The only frustrating part is that my spells tend to fail an awful lot. I'm aware that the fail chance goes up if I'm standing on a lit square, but even in darkness I'm failing a lot more than it seems I should. How is a spell's success rate determined? Are there any other factors that affect it after the % listed in the spellbook?

As an example, here's a screenshot of a recent encounter I had with some wargs. No big deal, but as you can see I'm standing in a dark area (Light 0), my spellbook says that Nether Bolt (the only spell I was casting) has only a 6% fail chance, yet I failed 4 out of the 9 casts.

(As an aside, I do think it's a bit misleading that a creature description will say that the creature don't resist nether, then I cast Nether Bolt at them, and the game tells me that they resist somewhat...)

So, what gives? Am I just the unluckiest spellcaster ever? This is definitely a possibility, as I did recently come across a Level Feeling 9 level and there wasn't jack sh*t on that level except one Metal Lamellar Armor of Resistance, which is cool for such a shallow depth but totally useless to me.
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