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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
FWIW my rogue has a 10 per cent fail on detect objects, which I cast whenever I enter a level. Regularly it fails four times in a row
This is the sort of thing, along with my own experiences, that prompted me to make the post here, because it seems like something is amiss. If it was just one or even a couple incidents where I failed to cast a lot, then I could brush it off as unlucky. And that is what I did for a long time. But it has become very noticeable on my latest char, the necromancer. To the point where I felt like I had to ask to see if I was missing something. I am quite careful about making sure to only cast in darkness since most necromancer spells combat spells are very mana expensive so failing is quite costly. And I regularly notice myself failing at a far higher rate than 6%.

I wonder if there's a way to track this in the logs... It doesn't seem feasible that way, but perhaps on my next playthrough I could track my casts and see what my real fail rate is vs the theoretical fail rate.
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