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Everybody has the same perception that spells fail way more often than they should. It never shows up when someone keeps track; I just cast nether bolt 200 times at a nominal 4% fail rate, and scored 192 successful casts and 8 failures. But everybody knows fail rates go way up when nobody's keeping track, and also when failing will kill or seriously inconvenience a character

[22:29] rodent: most of my @s die around cl 35 to stubbornly refusing to believe that a monster that mana-bolts 5% of the time will in fact mana-bolt you a fifth time in a row after it's already done so four times
[22:29] rodent: and then I blame bad luck instead of not quaffing !healing
[22:30] bostock: that's where all the spare success rate siphoned off from nonuple miscasts of 50% fail rate spells goes
[22:30] bostock: the RNG is running a racket i tell you
[22:30] Gwarl: that makes perfect sense
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