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Originally Posted by dayafterday123 View Post
Now other few questions about RNG and player skills:
  1. How is the replay value?
  2. Does Angband reward player knowledge and skills?
  3. Can I consistently win if I'm good enough?
If you like the general theme of the game (getting items, beating up monsters), it has high replay value.

It certainly rewards player experience. I consider "skill" more of a motor/dexterity/coordination trait, and being a turn by turn game, in THAT sense there's "no skill". To me, it's all experience. Folks are free to quibble on this. There are tactics in this game, but they can be learned. Also perception is important. Patience is a good trait for this game as well.

Good players can and do win this game more so than not. Luck can lose you the game, but you can not win by luck (RNG can always grace you in the end, but luck isn't what gets you there in the first place). The underlying premise of the game is to build up a broad enough toolset in your character (skill, items, etc.) to overcome whatever the RNG decides to throw at you. There is definitely more "bad luck" than "good luck".

That said, there is a lot of avoidance in this game. Running away, avoiding monsters, abandoning levels, etc. is a primary tactic in this game, learned through experience. Learning what monsters to avoid. Arguably the prime tactic in this game is avoidance vs confrontation.

As for the time constraint and issues with perma-death, simply turn death off, and play the game. It's all a matter of what you're looking for. You can't "die" and "win" the game, in the end you'll have to play it "the right way". But early on, especially with limited time, no reason to "waste time" by dying when you can turn it off and continue to learn the game.
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