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Originally Posted by whartung View Post
Luck can lose you the game, but you can not win by luck (RNG can always grace you in the end, but luck isn't what gets you there in the first place).
Since you mentione luck, one note from me.
I think it is important to learn when someone should treat death as "bad luck".
Some people says "The Tarrasque breathed disenchantement which was my only resistance hole - bad luck".
Others say "5th consecutive mana storm from Morgoth is not bud luck, playing long enough guarantees at one point I get not favourable results n times in a row". So if someone is learning the game, I would prioritize understanding why characters die and not only review the last 1 (2-3) moves but think about when @ should have done something else (usually heal or escape earlier).
Winning also depends on minimizing the chance when the RNG can kill you. If you take that 1% chance too many times, you will probably die.
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