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Originally Posted by PowerWyrm View Post
When you read a scroll of monster confusion, it gives you an "AttConf" status effect. If you're playing a ranged character (Mage, Ranger...) and you don't melee mobs, the status stays for a very long time and can be confusing for new players. Maybe the scroll should work on any attack and not only for melee?
I would argue it should work for physical attacks (melee and shooters), but not magic. And that in the "real world(tm)" it would have been applied to the weapon, rather than the player. But, mechanically that's a real pain in the neck, so it's a player buff.

Spell casters can use either an in-built spell (I don't know if some casters have a confuse spell or not), or a wand or rod. The scroll is for thick headed melee combatants who don't have a solid kinship with magic or their machines.
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