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[Bug 4.2.1] Lvl 50 Paladin crash on Word of Recall

Hi there,
First-time poster here, reporting a bug on Mac version of Vanilla 4.2.1. Apologies if this is not the best way to post a bug, was a little confused which was the preferred method.

My current Lvl 50 paladin (3400') now crashes on recall 100% of the time, whether from spell, rod, or scroll. The game just quits at the moment the character is supposed to be pulled up to town.

I suspect the the problem may have started at this one recent occasion when I used the single combat spell on a unique at Lvl 48, killed the unique while in SC which caused me to reach lvl 49 while still in the arena, but was then stuck in the SC arena alone and no way to get out (clearly some bug or malfunction). With no other option I recalled straight from the arena to town which worked... but ever since then recalling has crashed the game every single time. So I've just been playing with no recall for a while, pining for my gear stored up at home. Perhaps the save file was somehow corrupted with the single combat malfunction?

Happy to transmit the save file in whatever manner works. Naturally I'd love to keep this character and get recall back since I was closing in on the endgame!

Many thanks to those who work so hard maintaining this wonderful game.
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