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Druid: Friend of Beasts and Birds

I think a cool way to make Druid play very distinct is to give them a spell "Befriend Animal" (which really is "Banish Animal" but befriending it sounds so much nicer). Then make all their damage spells do half damage to animals, and all debuffs last half as long on animals. Could also have a higher level Mass Banish Animal (Mass Befriend doesn't sound right).

When I've played a Druid it feels a bit off that my character is especially good at killing animals. This way the Druid would be especially good at avoiding fights with animals. But when the Druid does want to fight an animal, it would be better to shape-shift into an animal and fight it out as nature intended, which I think would also be cool, thematic and fun.

The balance implications are hard to guess at without defining these befriend spells more fully, but it seems like it would be very beneficial on the whole. One interesting implication is that when Sauron shape-shifts he becomes an animal.
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