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Originally Posted by FogSpear View Post
True - it's ASCII interface is a distant relic from the past. But - SO FAR I LOVE IT.
The ASCII interface is part of the appeal to me.

I was introduced to roguelikes 40 years ago, playing Moria on a VT-100 terminal at an engineering-themed summer camp for high schoolers.

I was a D&D nerd, and Car Wars geek, thrown together with a hundred or so other like-minded young men and women. When the day programs were over, did we retreat to our dorms to roll d20's and 2d6's? NO. The computer lab was open from 7-11pm.

We gobbled down our cafeteria food and rushed to the lab to play games. There were some other games (lode runner, a buggy pac man port) but Moria was the star. Dive, Dive, Die was my playstyle then.

We played nonstop until we were threatened with bodily injury to leave when the lab closed.

So, just like figurines and dice hold nostalgia for old grognards like me, so does the "@."

That, and my laptop has an intermittent problem on the board behind the power connector, and an old battery. I have to argue with the damn thing to get it into the charging state. (I'm an artisan procrastinator, too.) I really can't try to run anything more power intensive than Firefox for long. Roguelikes are perfect in this regard. (Well, except for DF... god knows what that thing is doing under the hood... but it's a black hole for CPU cycles.)

Anyway, just the ASCII environment still gives me the sense of awe and wonder I had back in 1980. I've played mostly Nethack until about two years ago, and have switched to Angband. Playing the former, I learned to be a little more circumspect about diving quickly, but Angband actually rewards it.

To a degree...
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