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Originally Posted by Sacksquatch View Post
Similar situation, except I discovered Angband AND Linux about the same time. So I'm not just experiencing variants and their timelines, but my PC has become a platform for temporary linux distros, virtual machines, and usb live boots lol.

I believe I've settled on two favorites Angband and FirstAgeAngband (both of which have updates coming out soonish). I also spend quite a bit of time on Sangband, Sil, and Frogcomposband. You can play a lot of them at Angband Live, but I go back and forth between playing there and getting that SDL2 + sound experience. Angband Live is a great way to quickly jump in and get a feel for different variants. Plus the people are nice and helpful. I've asked a metric shit-ton of questions, and never got any 'tude from it hehe.

Brogue is a nice break. I love it because I find the situations it puts me in are hilarious at times.

If you want a phone version for life's dull moments (like waiting for the doctor to prove he exists) there are phone ports for Angband, Brogue, DCSS, and more. You may or may not find them on the playstore and may need to visit their git. One game you will find on the store is called Pixel Dungeon. It's pretty damn fun. I use the Shattered version, it has a bit more gameplay depth than the original (which is open source btw). Pixel Dungeon and Brogue will be the most phone friendly to play.

Oh and I *think* I've settled on Manjaro w KDE lol, but my mind is still blown away with the choices.
Thanks for the tip on Angband Live. It seems like a great way to quickly check out different variants. Call me old school for wanting to compile source and run locally. Good luck with your Linux learning. It is my escape platform.
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