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Originally Posted by Grotug View Post
The visual style of Angband is a major draw for me. I *like* the ASCII look, and its efficiency for conveying information is unmatched by other games and for that reason tile/graphic roguelikes are far inferior.

I, like you, also love vanilla Angband and cannot get drawn into other roguelikes, even other *Bands. I think a big reason for this is that the level designs in Vanilla work really well for the game's format and their relative simplicity and consistency of design contrast really well with the game's depth and complex mechanics. Other roguelikes and *bands are doing too many things and it's a bit much for my tastes. Vanilla Angband does have some funky environments from time to time to break up the consistent levels style, but they are quite rare. Vanilla, in general, may be the closest thing to a perfect game.
I agree with the too many things comments. One of the turn offs for me with the Nethack route seemed to be the lack of thematic integrity. The talk of the kitchen sink and the need to use spoilers has kept me from diving more deeply there (and those vi direction keys on a laptop - its easier to use arrow keys and 1,3,7,9 when I need them).

I forgot to add a couple of items that drew me to roguelikes/Angband: the open source copy-left ethos (I am a sucker for that) and the historical context/tradition of these creations being backroom diversions for university and engineering wonks.
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