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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
I'll be honest, I've always felt a bit guilty for only playing vanilla Angband. I did dabble with ToME for a while but returned to what I knew. There are so many variants, and I do spend a lot of time reading about their strategies and idiosyncrasies (which makes it even weirder that I've never tried playing them).

Also, how strange it is to read an Angband vanilla noob asking for a return of the charisma stat. I mean it was an interesting dynamic in 1996 with my half orc warrior not getting a good price for his spellbook, but I can honestly say the game is so much better without pointless charisma... I make my own
I will have to explore that debate more. Perhaps, my desire for the stat block to look more like dnd is evidence of my mind being bent by pure marketing.
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