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Originally Posted by Selkie View Post
Great find, this is the sort of thing I love
Well, 8 of the nazgul were there... I'd killed several before I realized what they were. They were mostly pussycats, except for one that would only take damage by melee.

But then I ran into the Witch King of Angmar two levels later, summoned by the Emperor Q along with a zoo of other U's, W's and a couple druj. (I hate druj; they get banished on sight.)

I was the pussycat in that encounter.

It started with a 10x10 room with just a purple Q, and six turns later it was a bowl of technicolor alphabet soup. All awake.

I bravely ran away.

(A rogue with a very good weapon, immunity to fire, a nice compliment of wands, a _Banishment, and 45 speed is pretty damn tough, but not tough enough to take on three exceptionally fast Uniques, with one summoning more in the open.)
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