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Originally Posted by Pete Mack View Post
Once you hit legendary, stealth stops helping. Legendary stealth really is fun. Tiptoe right past Huan or the Tarrasque--or both at once, for that matter.
Funny you mentioned that because my current rogue has had to tiptoe past the Tarrasque for the past five out of six levels.

The first time I thought he was ready to take out the big purple R, but damn, that bugger's breath hits hard and often.

I think he might be the only unique left, except for Sauron and Morgoth. He keeps appearing, and only him.

(Bumblef*ck found a nice randart staff that does almost 500 dpr, over 800 vs undead, and I love the mental image of a 2'6" halfling laying down some hurt with 6 feet of oak. But the Tarrasque just don't care.)
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