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see, for example, the Tarrasque is a monster that just won't wake up, no matter what. You don't need high stealth to dance around him.
You got
1. mobs which are always awake - stealth does nothing
2. mobs which will wake even with high stealth, like dragonflies or bats
3. mobs which sleep so hard, you need to attack them - stealth does nothing
4. a few annoying mobs and uniques where stealth really matters, because it's early game and you have no escapes or TO and can't really buff yourself for the fight - Mim, Kim, etc, the Orc captains, Angmaite and his brother, etc.
At most, you'll use stealth to avoid Lorgan. But by the time you get to greater wyrms, stealthing is't necessary anymore - kill it, teleport it, or escape.

i get that walking past a 1-breath-dead monster can be exhilarating, but if you are finding yourself in those situations enough to value stealth, then maybe that's the reason you die so often.

FYI, in that ONE situation where you get a ridiculously OOD mob in a vault on early levels, don't try to stealth in, just get away.
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