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Originally Posted by Neigeden View Post
I just found Red Dragon Scale Mail (-2) [24, +29] <+2, +1> {??} at dlv 18 with a level feeling of just 3‽ I think it's Dwarven (it has +2 to Str and Con and +1 to infra) but I forget what else Dwarven egos have.

This just confirms to me that level feelings are not worth paying too much attention to, but it makes me wonder whether I understand how the feelings work, or whether DSM is more common than I thought at lower levels.

Oooh, I just beat this.

At 350' - an amulet of ESP, lying in the floor.
At 450' - on a 7-9 level, I took out a wimpy ant pit. In said pit? PDSM.

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