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very newbie questions on angband and unangband

hi all,

i'm just wondering whether to get into angband. in my wanderings i found unangband and liked the look of it. i downloaded both, and they seemed to install easily enough but i don't get a couple of things.

i've got unangband vers 0.6.0 beta2 and angband 3.0.6.

i'm not sure which i want to play. unangband i guess as i like the LotR setting and the isometric tiles.

so here's what i'm rambling about:

1) in angband i don't like the way if you go up some stairs and then straight back down again you're in a new dungeon. i thought the Generate dungeons with connected stairs option would govern this but it makes no difference. is this just the way it is and i'm stuck with it? or am i doing something wrong?

2) in unangband if i start to generate a char i get the option of male or female and then it whizzes me straight to hobbiton as an istari. what's wrong there?

sorry if these questions are really basic or i should've found the answers somewhere, but my computer knowledge isn't great and i don't have much spare time with work and family so i was kind of hoping someone would give me a nice easy solution.

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