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This one happened few days ago but it was, to put it lightly, a spectacular failure.

HT Warrior with +50 speed beats Sauron dead barely using any healing whatsoever. Ascend down and start waiting for Morgy.
As he appears and gets a little closer, I switch to Morgy-kit which gives me maximum dmg vs. evil something closer to 500/turn. Quick 'C' check. Max damage kit doesn't have ESP or any fire resistance as my switched items had telepathy and fire immunity. Well, I'll work around it.

Beat Morgy to five stars, he summons Tarrasque (you saw earlier, where this was going..). No problem.
Phase door and switch back the fire immunity item.
Ok, nice.
(Morgy comes to LOS, TO him away.
Ok, nice.) EDIT: Slight correction, since this part actually never happened. Maybe I went into a shock and made up this stuff in my head.

Now the Tarrasque's turn to get TO'd.
He appears.
Immediate fire breath. 1600 dmg.

I had switched back the ESP item, not the fire immunity item.
The dumbest dumbass of Dumbtown turned into the pile of ash.

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